When It's Time!

Established February 8TH 2017 Alaska Precision is proud to be one of the first licensed cultivation facilities in the Matanuska Valley! We Strive to produce only the finest cannabis possible. We at Alaska Precision do our best to “keep up with the times” from the research we put into our genetics to the cutting edge l.e.d. lights we choose to grow with. As we are just a limited cultivation facility with limited room to work with we make that up with the time and quality we are able to spend with each plant. From making our own secret soil to pruning and hand trimming we take pride in everything we do!

Alaska Precision Original Strains

At Alaska Precision we only grow the finest F1 Strains or Hybrids of F1 Strains! We know that F1 genetics are extremely stable that allows us to have repeatable results. Making sure our crops are consistent time after time. So “When It’s Time!” to sit down and enjoy your favorite smoke make sure it’s Alaska Precision!

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